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Costum Design Medieval Banners, Flags, Clothing!
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Lord of the Rings!
Productos Game of Thrones - Swords, Axes, Banners, Clothing!
Game of Thrones!




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ForgedGround Supplies : Functional Swords, Medievals & Vikings, Larp Shop!

Functional Swords, Accessories for Medievals & Vikings, LARP & Alternative Shop. Armours, Helmets, Shields, Daggers, Swords, Katanas, Drinking Horns, and more!

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Medieval Products & Accessories ForgedGround have 2 years warranty!
2 years Warranty!
All Medieval products
by ForgedGround has a 2 year Warranty!
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ForgedGround! We supply History with high quality medieval products!

We are a company specialized in the Middle Ages, being our main objective the satisfaction of our clients for the design, quality and service. 

Our main quality is the friendship towards the client. We continually expand our products with new products, being open to any suggestions that the client requests. 

Our client is the most important aspect in this company, we do satisfy any needs. 

We do grow big every day, stronger every day, and it does allows us to make a diference in Europe, consolidating us as one of the leading growing European companies in this sector. 

Our products are focused on a very limited range of clients. Clients who knows what they want. Quality! 

Our products include: Medieval Functional Swords, Medieval Functional Armours, Medieval Functional Accessories, Templar Functional Swords , Templar Functional Armours, Viking Functional Swords , Viking Functional Axes and many more...

ForgedGround! We supply History with high quality products!

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