Kit Rae - Anathar, Sword of Power
Kit Rae - Anathar, Sword of Power
Kit Rae - Anathar, Sword of Power

Kit Rae - Anathar, Sword of Power

Kit Rae - Anathar, Sword of Power

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Kit Rae - Anathar, Sword of Power, United Cutlery

Reissue with leather-wrapped grip

Swords of the Ancients™ collection

Renowned fantasy artist Kit Rae's epic mythological tale The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients and Other Blades of Power
brings you this phenomenal sword!

This special design is Anathar, the Sword of Power, and the last and most powerful of these great swords. Anathar was linked to the
other nine swords and held within it a part of each of their powers.

Designed by Kit Rae himself, this sword gives life to the legend! Measuring a massive 118 cm overall, this high-quality collectible
features an intricately detailed solid metal pommel and a hilt formed with a spiked triple cross guard. The tempered 420 J2
stainless steel blade is inscribed with runes that translate as the sword's name, Sword of Power.

This item includes a certificate of authenticity and a 45.7 x 58.4 cm full color art print. Kit Rae's fans, fantasy enthusiasts and
avid sword collectors will treasure this unique item!

"Ricardo Moutinho" : A very impressive sword. I really like the collection of the "Kit Rae" designer, and for this man's lovers and their work, having the nine pieces of the collection is a dream come true for only a few. Excelent.

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