Long LARP Swords - Functional LARP Short Swords for Live Action Role Play.

Long Larp Sword collection features an extensive range of historical and high fantasy larp swords, each designed to accommodate your unique RPG needs. Our range includes: swords of Eastern and Western design, such as Katana, Wakasashi, Longswords, daggers, short swords, etc...

Caprine Sword Larp

92.95€ Ex Tax: 76.82€

Caprine Sword 115 cm is a hybrid LARP sword inspired by fantasy and designed to fit in the hands of ..


Celtic Leaf Sword Larp

85.99€ Ex Tax: 71.07€

Celtic Leaf Sword is a latex-hybrid long sword inspired by the Celtic tribes of early history. The s..


Larp Crusader Sword

86.99€ Ex Tax: 71.89€

Crusader Sword is a long latex-hybrid sword inspired by European medieval sidearms. The sword is 100..


LARP Draug Sword

92.99€ Ex Tax: 76.85€

Draug Sword is a long latex sword inspired by high-fantasy villains and undead creatures. The sword ..


LARP Nightmare Sword

92.59€ Ex Tax: 76.52€

Nightmare Blade is a hybrid LARP sword with unique and asymmetric detail, designed for the greatest ..


LARP Sword Chopping

89.99€ Ex Tax: 74.37€

Chopping is a rugged latex sword designed as part of the Orc Universe collection, perfectly suited f..


Zephyr Jian Latex Larp Sword

128.99€ Ex Tax: 106.60€

Zephyr Jian is a slender and elegant latex hybrid weapon inspired by Chinese tradition. The sword is..

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