Medieval Swords Functional! Combat Swords Shop!

Medieval Swords Functional! Combat Swords Shop!

Functional Medieval Swords

Within the functional swords manufactured with carbon steel blades, combat (battle) or functional blades we classify them into 3 groups: Category SK-A, Category SK-B and Category SK-C. To know the differences you can see the details of classification of functional swords.

Agincourt War Sword - Hand Forged

325.99€ Ex Tax: 269.41€

Agincourt War Sword, sword of hand and average of the Collection BattleCry of Windlass Steelcrafts. ..


Bastard Functional Sword

239.99€ Ex Tax: 198.34€

Bastard Functional Sword is a very wide sword that could be used in the Battle of Bosworth, in 1845,..


Functional Culloden S. XVI Scottish Sword

225.99€ Ex Tax: 186.77€

The functional sword with a basket handle increased its popularity during the 16th century and its b..


Gladius Functional Sword of Roman Centurion

295.99€ Ex Tax: 244.62€

Gladius Sword of Roman Centurion Windlass Collection Steelcrafts BattleCry. Specifically designed to..


Hattin Falchion - Hand Forged

249.99€ Ex Tax: 206.60€

Hattin Falchion - Hand Forged, is Designed specifically to be used. It is made of 1065 carbon steel ..


Kingdom of Heaven Sword - Orlando Bloom Réplica

199.98€ Ex Tax: 165.27€

Orlando Bloom's Réplica of the Sword used in "Kingdom of Heaven"High carbon forged steel blade, with..


Maldon Hand Forged Seax

211.00€ Ex Tax: 174.38€

Maldon Seax, medieval knife. Mounted on the hilt in the style of a sword, the Maldon Seax has a size..


Maldon Viking Sword Hand Forged

323.99€ Ex Tax: 267.76€

Maldon Viking Sword. It has a light, agile and resistant fighting blade made with a legendary design..


Medieval Crusader Sword - Hand Forged

293.99€ Ex Tax: 242.97€

Medieval Crusader Sword - Hand Forged, from BattleCry  is a formidable weapon of proven effecti..


Medieval Functional Tear Drop Sword SK-B

145.90€ Ex Tax: 120.58€

Reproduction of a high medieval single-handed sword with a characteristic disc-shaped pommel includi..


Medieval German One-Hand Functional Sword

155.99€ Ex Tax: 128.92€

This late medieval one-handed sword is inspired by Hans Talhoffer, a famous 15th-century German swor..


Sword of the Knight Templar Accolade

339.99€ Ex Tax: 280.98€

Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam.These emblematic words engraved on the blade..

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