Game of Thrones - Helm Loras Tyrell

Game of Thrones - Helm Loras Tyrell

Game of Thrones - Helm Loras Tyrell

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Replica of the helmet of Loras Tyrell with official license of the successful TV series Game of Thrones of HBO. Ser Loras Tyrell, brother of Margaery Tyrell and son of Mace Tyrell, Lord Paramount of Reach and Warden of the South, is the heir of Highgarden, the headquarters of the Tyrell House. It is made of fiberglass and adorned with intricate vine and flower motifs. It has a visor and a chin plate, both hinged (if necessary, the tension can be adjusted using an Allen key inside). The inside of the helmet is lined with fabric, while the chin is lined with brown leather. In addition, this beautiful piece is equipped with a leather strap and an executioner made of brass. Strictly limited to 1000 pieces, each helmet is serialized and comes with a certificate of authenticity and an exhibition stand.

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