ForgedGround & SPA 8 Vidas Teruel

ForgedGround & SPA 8 Vidas Teruel

ForgedGround has a perfect notion that this appeal has nothing to do with the website, with the FB page, or with the subject in general ...

But we could not let this situation go by without leaving our opinion, our support, our THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and that we are and we will be with you 100%.

We want on behalf of ForgedGround, and the movement in which we believe and are a part, to leave an appeal to our dear followers, friends and clients.

SPA 8 Lives Teruel does an exceptional job protecting and rescuing our little friends, they deserve our respect, our help.

The appeal we make here is very simple ... do you have old or used blankets? Do you have animals? Do you have some changes? Help them!

SPA 8 Vidas Teruel is not an organization supported by funds, but is supported by all of us, who give what we can to comfort the rescued animals.

Food, blankets, money, whatever you can give.

If you do not want to, or you can not give anything, just share the page of them, it costs nothing and it can be that another person helps them.

Let Franky (Franky or Francolas, or Franquinho, or El Gordo) say that he came from the streets to ForgedGround!

To all those who help them, we will be eternally grateful.

Help us, help them build a better world.

Thank you so much!

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