Nordic Dragon Helmet

Nordic Dragon Helmet

The term Drakkar comes from French and means dragon. The Vikings were, in general, very believers. They understood that they had to be like a reincarnation of the gods themselves. The dragon was for them a symbol of strength and ferocity. It was usual to see him at the stern of his boats and some of his weapons, shields or hulls.

The time of the Vikings began in June 793 with the assault on the Lindisfarne monastery, a monastic community that was in England. That day, the warriors of the north brutally ended hundreds of monks whose only defense against weapons was religion. They were the first victims of the thousands that would arrive later.

Socially, the men of the north were one of the most advanced civilizations of the time, since they attached great importance to the role of women. The Viking woman could make decisions, go on a trip alone, knew how to read, write, could even decide who to marry.

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