Medieval Times Magazine Interview!

Medieval Times Magazine Interview!

Year 2019, ForgedGround conquered a special place among bands, reenactors, museums, and a bunch more of people and communities all over the world.

M.T. Magazine : What makes you stronger, better, unique than others?

F.G. : Easy, we care to be the best, not the cheapest..... In 2019, where people only cares for the cheap and fast shit, we do have our standarts, we don't care if we take 3 daysor a week to ship something, we do care to ship quality. 

M.T. : You guys have bought lots of competitors and a major company "MedievalArmoury", what's up with that?

F.G. : We will become N.1 the medieval world, like it or not. We sell high quality, not "whatever" crap, We do have an ARMY behind us, Bands, actors, major people. Why? Because we only serve and work with the best of the best. Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Gwydion....

M.T : What's going to happen in 2020? Can we have a "little taste" ?

F.G : Sure... 2020 will be awesome. We are working to open several shops, exclusive distributors of major brands, we are going to festivals and support major festivals all over the word.

We BELONG HERE! (laughs)

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