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The Weddings of Isabel de Segura in Teruel is a medieval festival that takes place in the city of lovers, in the Autonomous Community of Aragon; It is usually held every year on the third weekend of February. They start from Thursday and last until Sunday. In 2018 the Weddings will be celebrated between February 15 and 18.

Teruel is a city of about 35,000 inhabitants located in the Region of the Community of Teruel. The city stands out for its rich Mudejar heritage.

Origin ... some History pills

The origin of this celebration is very current in 1997 when, unexpectedly, the streets of Teruel were occupied by a small group of actors dressed in medieval costumes representing the Wedding of Isabel, mingling among the people.

From there, the wedding of Isabel was growing and improving to reach the current times, where all Teruel (institutions, groups, individuals) participates in one way or another in this party that seeks to be declared of National Tourist Interest.

The Look / Our Look

The Weddings of Isabel de Segura in Teruel are some festivals to put in value the legend of the Lovers of Teruel.

Every year, everything starts on Thursday at 3:30 p.m., with the assembly of the medieval market and the camps. In the afternoon, there is the opening of the Cultural Hayma to continue later with a Folk Music Concert.

The following day, Friday, among all the acts, the Bridal Committee will stand out at 12 o'clock and the Wedding of Isabel de Segura in Teruel with Don Pedro de Azagra. In the afternoon, the King's Parade captures the attention of all visitors.

On Saturday, in the morning we must not miss the Medieval Battle. In the afternoon, a highlight is the Bridal Bull, but above all with the Petition of the Kiss, Diego's death and Isabel's lament, the culminating moment of the celebrations is reached.

On Sunday, the last day, do not miss the Funeral Ceremony of Diego de Marcilla at 11:45, or funeral funeral of Diego and death of Isabel at 12:30, nor the final act Oda to the Lovers at 13 h.

Weddings of Isabel de Segura in Teruel: curiosities

As a curious fact, I will tell you that on Sunday during the Ode to the Lovers act all attendees are invited to kiss in honor of the Lovers of Teruel.

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