Lovers of Teruel - Legend or History?

Lovers of Teruel - Legend or History?

There was once, in Teruel during the thirteenth century, a rich merchant who had a very beautiful daughter. The girl, named Isabel de Segura, and a poor but honest boy named Diego de Marcilla, met one day at the market and fell deeply in love. The young people loved each other very much, to the point that they talked about their love, and the young man told him that he wanted to take her as his wife. She replied that her desire was the same, but that she knew that she would never do it without her father and mother approving it. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Diego Marcilla was a young man with good clothes, he did not possess any wealth or property. He told the maid that, as his father only despised him for lack of money, if she wanted to wait five years, he would be willing to go out to work where necessary to earn money and be worthy of marriage. She promised him.

Fighting against the Moors, she earned a hundred thousand salaries after five years and during this time Isabel was very upset by her father to take her husband. He managed to prevent the housekeeper telling him that he had taken a vow of virginity until he was twenty years old and arguing that women should not marry until they could and knew how to govern their house. After five years the father said: "Child, my wish is that you marry." And she, seeing that the period of five years was about to conclude and her boyfriend did not appear or gave any reason for himself, ended up believing he was dead. Immediately the father organized the wedding with a rich suitor. However, on that same day Diego de Marcilla returned, who had been bothered by all kinds of setbacks.

That night, Diego managed to enter the bedroom without being seen, in which the husbands slept, and gently woke her up, begging her "Kiss me, I'm dying," and she replied in pain: "God grant that I'll miss my husband; through the passion of Jesus Christ I beg you to look for another, that you do not notice me, because if God has not pleased, it does not please me either ". He said again: "Kiss me, I'm dying." She replied: "I do not want to." Then he fell dead.

She, who saw him as if it were daylight in the great light of the room, began to tremble and woke the husband saying that he snored so much that it made him feel afraid, that he would tell him something. And he told a joke. She said she wanted to tell another. And he told him what had happened and how with a sigh Diego had died. Said the husband: "Oh, wicked! And why have not you kissed him? ». She replied: "For not missing my husband." «Certainly, he said, you are worthy of praise». He, all upset, got up and did not know what to do. He said: "If the people know that here he has died, they will say that I have killed him and I will be put in great trouble." They agreed to make an effort and took him to his father's house. They did it with great eagerness and they were not heard by anyone. The young girl came to the thought of how much Diego loved her and how much he had done for her, and that because he did not want to kiss he was dead. He agreed to go kiss him before they buried him; He went to the church of Mr. San Pedro, who had it there. The honest women rose for her. She did not worry about anything other than going to the dead man. He uncovered her face, brushing aside the shroud, and kissed him so hard that he died there. The people who saw that she, who was not a relative, was thus lying on the dead, they went to tell her to get out of there, but they saw that she was dead. The husband told the case to everyone in front, as she had told him. They agreed to bury them together in a grave. Together forever.

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