Axes, Maces, Hammers

ForgedGround Selection of Axes, Maces & Hammers offers a wide variety of Blunt and slashing instruments to browse.

Taking inspiration from both historical and non-historical sources, our collection has something for everyone, perhaps you are looking for a Viking axe or a Dane axe or perhaps a War mallet?

Larp Chaos Axe

105.99€ Ex Tax: 87.60€

Larp Chaos Axe is a deadly and menacing 110 cm two-handed axe designed for the brutal and barbaric m..


Larp Gothic Axe - 90 cms

85.99€ Ex Tax: 71.07€

Larp Gothic Axe is a deadly 90 cm axe designed for noble hands. It has an axe-blade with a 28 cm bla..


Short Larp Mace

55.99€ Ex Tax: 46.27€

Larp Short Mace is a 70cm one-handed mace with a utilitarian design. It features a small head with p..


Stone Mace for LARP & Medieval

64.99€ Ex Tax: 53.71€

This Stone Mace is a low-fantasy latex weapon designed to match a character fully immersed in nature..


Viking & Pirate Axe - LARP, Ready-For-Battle!

62.99€ Ex Tax: 52.06€

The Pirate or Medieval boarding ax is a 62 cm heavy ax designed for sailors and vikings. It has an a..

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