Fiberglass Medieval Weapons

Fiberglass weapon collection features an extensive range of historical and high fantasy styles, each designed to accommodate your unique needs. Our range includes: swords, daggers, axes, maces, shields, bucklers, spears, staffs, and more.

Our foam weapons are unparalleled in their handcrafted detail and our dedication to safety. Our latex weapons are constructed using layers of foam coated in 100% natural latex, while our injection moulded weapons are made by injecting or pouring expanding, polyurethane foam into a mould. Our LARP weapons use a fibreglass core which provides durability and flexibility for your comfort and control. Fibreglass cores have the ability to absorb impact and minimize the force of the blow. All LARP weapons with a core are secured by Kevlar or tube tip protection.

Explore our range of diverse weaponry featuring a fantastic array of colours and designs. Whether you play as a mighty orc, a stealthy rogue, or a noble knight, we have a design that fits your needs. Check out our new styles, especially the incredible detail in our Stronghold and Hybrid blades! Play more. Choose the weapon that works for you.

Larp Chaos Axe

105.99€ Ex Tax: 87.60€

Larp Chaos Axe is a deadly and menacing 110 cm two-handed axe designed for the brutal and barbaric m..


Larp Gothic Axe - 90 cms

85.99€ Ex Tax: 71.07€

Larp Gothic Axe is a deadly 90 cm axe designed for noble hands. It has an axe-blade with a 28 cm bla..


LARP Sword Chopping

89.99€ Ex Tax: 74.37€

Chopping is a rugged latex sword designed as part of the Orc Universe collection, perfectly suited f..


Short Larp Mace

55.99€ Ex Tax: 46.27€

Larp Short Mace is a 70cm one-handed mace with a utilitarian design. It features a small head with p..


Stone Mace for LARP & Medieval

64.99€ Ex Tax: 53.71€

This Stone Mace is a low-fantasy latex weapon designed to match a character fully immersed in nature..


Viking & Pirate Axe - LARP, Ready-For-Battle!

62.99€ Ex Tax: 52.06€

The Pirate or Medieval boarding ax is a 62 cm heavy ax designed for sailors and vikings. It has an a..

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