Medieval Daggers

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Daggers are flat, short-bladed, wide-bladed knives with pointed ends. Its intermediate length between the dagger and the sword as well as its double edge and protection guard make it ideal as a secondary weapon after the sword.

Functional War Medieval Dagger Crecy

134.95€ Ex Tax: 111.53€

Double-edged medieval war dagger with a 1065 high carbon steel blade tempered to -50s RC. Battle-har..


Maldon Hand Forged Seax

211.00€ Ex Tax: 174.38€

Maldon Seax, medieval knife. Mounted on the hilt in the style of a sword, the Maldon Seax has a size..


Medieval Crusader Dagger with Scabbard

42.90€ Ex Tax: 35.45€

Medieval Crusaders Daggers with Scabbard were mostly used as a secondary weapon by knights, untraine..


Medieval Dagger with Scabbard

43.99€ Ex Tax: 36.36€

Medieval Dagger with Scabbard of this type were mostly used by rival soldiers and archers as a secon..

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