Medieval Axes

The axe was one of two common weapons for a Medieval warrior to wield. Easy to make and easy to repair, it was a brutally effective weapon that well-suited the wild yet powerful style that medieval warriors were said to utilize when they entered into battle. At ForgedGround, we offer a selection of authentic medieval axes that recreate historic designs for you to use in your own reenactments and battles. Designed with a myriad of uses in mind, the medieval axe was a weapon of many uses. It could function on a farm or in a village, performing any number of mundane tasks, yet when called to war, it became a deadly weapon as capable of shattering shields and cleaving through armor as it was of splitting logs. Our medieval axes recreate a variety of one and two handed designs, all made with steel heads. Some are stainless steel and made to recreate the design in a decorative fashion. A majority of others, though, are made in carbon steel and forged steel, recreating the medieval axe in truth, one as simple as it is effective. They are also offered in different sizes, ranging from smaller hand axes and throwing axes to larger battle axes and war axes that medieval people would have wielded when they committed themselves to battle. The axe is nothing fancy, and it does not have to be. In the hands of a warrior, a medieval axe was a deadly weapon.

Our medieval Axes can be used for LARP and are Ready-for-Battle.

Fiore Functional War Hammer

175.50€ Ex Tax: 145.04€

This medieval Fiore War Hammer, is made of 1065 high carbon steel with a dark finish, hardened in ba..


Francisca, Functional Throwing Ax

38.99€ Ex Tax: 32.22€

Replica of a Merovingian throwing ax with hand-forged ax blade made of steel.Forerunners of Franzisk..


Hand-Forged Double Medieval Axe with Protection

78.65€ Ex Tax: 65.00€

Carbon Steel, Hand-ForgedThe delivery includes two covers of leather blades and a sturdy wooden hand..


Viking & Pirate Axe - LARP, Ready-For-Battle!

62.99€ Ex Tax: 52.06€

The Pirate or Medieval boarding ax is a 62 cm heavy ax designed for sailors and vikings. It has an a..

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