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Accolade - Knights Templar Dagger

119.25€ Ex Tax: 98.55€

This medieval dagger is the complementary piece of the Accolade sword. This impressive medieval dagg..


Agincourt War Sword - Hand Forged

325.99€ Ex Tax: 269.41€

Agincourt War Sword, sword of hand and average of the Collection BattleCry of Windlass Steelcrafts. ..


Alexander the Great Sword - Limited Edition

449.99€ Ex Tax: 371.89€

Alejandro Magno sword limited to 1500 units manufactured with serial number engraved on the sheet.St..


Alfanje sword Arabe Silver

195.95€ Ex Tax: 161.94€

Alfanje of the Spanish al-janyar Arabic, "the dagger", designates a sword of broad and curved blade,..


Archer Domed Helmet, 1.6 mm steel

48.67€ Ex Tax: 40.22€

This conical helmet is especially interesting for archers. He has deliberately no nasal, in order to..


Barbarian Leather Belt, Black

119.99€ Ex Tax: 99.17€

This beautiful Barbarian waist belt / kidney belt crafted from quality leather is adorned with embos..


Barbuta Helmet - 100% Functional

88.99€ Ex Tax: 73.55€

You look upon your leading officer as he makes his way down the line of your fellow soldiers. Your f..


Barbuta Medieval Helmet with Visor, Polished, 100% Functional

112.99€ Ex Tax: 93.38€

The Barbuta Visor Helmet is an elegant curved helmet with a distinctive visor. The visor is mobile a..


Bastard Functional Sword

239.99€ Ex Tax: 198.34€

Bastard Functional Sword is a very wide sword that could be used in the Battle of Bosworth, in 1845,..


Berzerker Helmet Fully Funcional

99.95€ Ex Tax: 82.60€

There are stories being told about you amongst the soldiers. You are the mercenary who has slain ove..


Black Ice Arm & Leg Protection Set

115.99€ Ex Tax: 95.86€

Black Ice Arm & Leg Protection is an essential for any person intending to experience the battle..


Black Medieval Gambeson Short Sleeve - Ready for Battle

47.18€ 69.99€ Ex Tax: 38.99€

Black Medieval Gambeson Short Sleeve - Ready for BattleThis bestselling Ready for Battle Gambeson is..


Black or Brown Leather Merchant Bag

23.99€ Ex Tax: 19.83€

Black or Brown Leather Merchant Bag is a large, flat leather belt pouch. The bag is closed by securi..


Bosworth Longsword

279.99€ Ex Tax: 231.40€

Bosworth Longsword, long sword of the Windlass Steelcrafts BattleCry Collection. Specifically design..


Brown Leather Warrior Bag in Leather

27.99€ Ex Tax: 23.13€

Brown Leather Warrior Bag in Leather is a large leather bag to hang from a belt. The bag can be clos..


Chainmail Hood Dark

34.99€ Ex Tax: 28.92€

The new Alaric Chainmail Dark Hood is a flexible mail armour coif made from linked steel rings. The ..

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