Monthly Payment


  • When you arrive at CheckOut or finish the order, choose Monthly Payment as payment method.
  • Decide on how many quotas (for yourself, we don't care) you want to finance the purchase with us, without banks, without interest, without fixed monthly payment.
  • After completing your order, ForgedGround will contact you with all necessary information.

Do I need to register somewhere to use Monthly Payment?

You do not need to register anywhere to use Monthly Payment.

Where can I find the Monthly Payment option?

Just at the end of your purchase process. You will see Monthly Payment as a payment option more.

Who can buy with Monthly Payment?

Anyone. The financing is agreed between us and you. No banks, no credits.

What is the cost of a monthly payment?

Nothing. Zero. Niente. Rien. Nichts. We will never charge interest.

Can I advance my outstanding payments?

Of course! From a simple message you can amortize at any time your outstanding payments, without interest. No complications.

Is it obligatory to obtain the financing to contract some type of insurance or complementary financial service?


Simple Rules for Monthly Payment:

  • The first monthly payment will always be 50% of the total order. Then, as you can and want.
  • From the moment you agree with Monthly Payment, you do not have the right to cancel the order (we believe it is logical).
  • Depending on the time it takes to pay, some products may become unavailable. In case of occurrence, choose a product of similar value.
  • In the event that a product is defective, you are entitled to a refund in full, but we are making sure it's perfect as well as with any other product / customer.
  • Your order will be sent when we receive the last monthly payment.
  • In case of cancellation of request by your desire, you lose payments until the date of cancellation (honesty).
  • You can not have more than one order with Monthly Payment.

Why does ForgedGround support this way?

Simple, because we want everyone to deserve the best. We sell to all social classes of people. We do not differentiate people.