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The most famous Muslim corsair was born on the Greek island of Lesbos, which was under Turkish control by that time. He built his corsair reputation in the early years of the sixteenth century; with his brother Aruch, from his base in Algiers, he controlled the commercial trade in the Mediterranean Sea under the auspices of the Turkish Empire and he became a nightmare for the Spanish Empire and other Christian states of their time. After the death of Aruch,

Barbarossa was named admiral of the Ottoman fleet by Suleiman I, and joined forces with the king of France, Francis I, to trigger a strong offensive against the king of Spain Carlos V; only by the peace of Crepy, between France and Spain in 1544, stopped their attacks.

All kinds of swords. Decoration swords, combat swords, historical swords, templar swords, katanas, roman swords, celts, vikings, florets, falcata, gladius, functional, wakizashi, both, fantasy, rope, greek, oriental, wood, weddings. Sword of Toledo: They are manufactured for several centuries, given the great importance of the weapon in the outcome of a battle. They are swords made with a steel of outstanding quality that gave them extreme hardness. The most famous swords of history in chronological order have been these: Falcata Ibérica: Its design with the blade adapted to penetrate in horizontal was its most outstanding feature Roman Gladius: Ideal for hand-to-hand combat with the protection of the scutum Spatha Roman: The evolution of the Gladius, longer Viking Sword: Sword of enormous size. Devastating but unmanageable Scimitars: The swords of the Arabs, has a characteristic curved form Templars swords Claymore: Of James I of Scotland Mandoble of the Catholic Kings: With her they named Christopher Columbus Knife of Hernán Cortés: Great Spanish conqueror French flag : Typical of the musketeers French saber: Short saber comfortable handling Weapon swords: The weapon of the gala uniform Sword of the Masons: With the symbology of Katana Masonry: The sword of the samurai

Hayreddin Barbarossa "Redbeard"1478-1546 Pirate Sabre,Turkey 16th Century

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The most famous Muslim corsair was born on the Greek island of Lesbos, which was under Turkish contr..

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