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Hanger "Lis Flower" for Weapons, Katanas, Swords

10.52€ Ex Tax: 8.69€

Hanger "Lis Flower" for Weapons, Katanas, Swords..


Kit Rae - Universal Sword Plaque

35.99€ Ex Tax: 29.74€

Kit Rae is one of the foremost fantasy and collectible weapon designers in the industry. Since 1984,..


Samurai Hanger for Weapons, Katanas, Swords

11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.50€

Samurai Hanger for Weapons, Swords or Katanas..


Weapon, Sword, Shield Hanger

10.50€ Ex Tax: 8.68€

For those of you who like to display your swords or weapons, with a shield, we offer shield hanger. ..


Wooden Upright Swords and Katanas Stand - Black

39.50€ Ex Tax: 32.64€

This sword-stand is made for displaying a sword in an upright position. It's perfectly for samurai s..

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