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The samurai were Japanese warriors who defended the daimyo (feudal lords). In Japanese, the word samurai means "one who serves". It was between the 12th and 14th centuries that they gained great importance and prestige in society.

The samurai had to follow a code (called Bushido) of very strict conduct and ethics. According to the code, samurai should be loyal, resilient, courageous and disciplined.

The sword was the ultimate symbol of the samurai. These were prepared from childhood, receiving training from the most experienced masters.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, many samurai used military experience and acquired skills to engage in business administration in the areas of commerce and agriculture.

In the nineteenth century, with the imperial restoration (Meiji dynasty), the end of feudalism in Japan occurred. The samurai were losing prestige and strength. In 1870, there was a revolt of samurai, but it was strongly suppressed by the imperial army of Japan.

LARP Horsebow

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