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Functional and Decoration Katanas for sale and the largest selection of blades and modification for your custom samurai swords, Katana Sword, Wakizashi, Tanto, Nodachi, Ninjato, Shirasaya, Tachi and many other blades made by traditional Japanese methods! Fully functional and Battle Ready!

All kinds of swords. Decoration swords, combat swords, historical swords, templar swords, katanas, roman swords, celts, vikings, florets, falcata, gladius, functional, wakizashi, both, fantasy, rope, greek, oriental, wood, weddings. Sword of Toledo: They are manufactured for several centuries, given the great importance of the weapon in the outcome of a battle. They are swords made with a steel of outstanding quality that gave them extreme hardness. The most famous swords of history in chronological order have been these: Falcata Ibérica: Its design with the blade adapted to penetrate in horizontal was its most outstanding feature Roman Gladius: Ideal for hand-to-hand combat with the protection of the scutum Spatha Roman: The evolution of the Gladius, longer Viking Sword: Sword of enormous size. Devastating but unmanageable Scimitars: The swords of the Arabs, has a characteristic curved form Templars swords Claymore: Of James I of Scotland Mandoble of the Catholic Kings: With her they named Christopher Columbus Knife of Hernán Cortés: Great Spanish conqueror French flag : Typical of the musketeers French saber: Short saber comfortable handling Weapon swords: The weapon of the gala uniform Sword of the Masons: With the symbology of Katana Masonry: The sword of the samurai

Black Katana + Box + 2 Tsubas + Cleaning Kit

101.75€ Ex Tax: 84.09€

Katana with tsuka ito for decoration and collectors.Tempered carbon steel blade.Good hardness.2 diff..


Brown Katana with 2 Tsubas, Case cover and Cleaning Kit

99.95€ Ex Tax: 82.60€

Katana for decoration and collectors with string handle. Maximum hardness, carbon steel blade temper..


Functional Tactic Katana Hanwei

249.99€ Ex Tax: 206.60€

Hanwei's Tactical Katana features a blade in 5160 high carbon spring steel, plasma-coated for corros..


Hanwei Bushido Katana

1,265.99€ Ex Tax: 1,046.27€

Bushido, or "Way of the Warrior", defines the code of conduct an honorable Samurai must follow and t..


John Lee Fujisan Katana with Damascus Blade

299.00€ Ex Tax: 247.11€

Hand-Forged Samurai Sword from the John Lee series.Masterpieces of asian swordcraft : Handforge..


John Lee Kamakura Tachi

199.95€ Ex Tax: 165.25€

The Kamakura- Period was (1185-1333) a crucial era in Japanese history. It marks the first military ..


Kaeru (Frog) Katana

1,445.90€ Ex Tax: 1,194.96€

The blade of Hanwei's Kaeru Katana is hand-forged and folded from powder steel, with a medium-length..


Katana Functional + Box + 2 Tsubas + Cleaning Kit

119.99€ Ex Tax: 99.17€

Functional Katana with black sheath and black string.Handle with black string, spare tsuba.Including..


Katana The Last Samurai "Courage, Duty and Loyalty" - Functional

49.95€ Ex Tax: 41.28€

"Courage, Duty and Loyalty"Katana The last Samurai with black scabbard and engraving "Courage, Duty ..


Paper Crane Katana

2,799.95€ Ex Tax: 2,314.01€

The Paper Crane Katana is without doubt the greatest achievement in sword making artistry yet availa..


Snake Katana

1,349.95€ Ex Tax: 1,115.66€

Snake Katana, folded Steel This masterly forged Samurai sword features a beautiful evenly waved..


Tiger Elite Katana

1,389.95€ Ex Tax: 1,148.72€

The Tiger Elite Katana features a hand forged and folded "Performance Series" katana blade and some ..


Wind and Thunder Katana

919.95€ Ex Tax: 760.29€

The Katana of the Wind and Thunder set by Paul Chen / Hanwei is designed specifically for the martia..

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