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They are manufactured for several centuries, given the great importance of the weapon in the outcome of a battle. They are swords made with a steel of outstanding quality that gave them extreme hardness. The most famous swords of history in chronological order have been these: Falcata Ibérica: Its design with the blade adapted to penetrate in horizontal was its most outstanding feature Roman Gladius: Ideal for hand-to-hand combat with the protection of the scutum Spatha Roman: The evolution of the Gladius, longer Viking Sword: Sword of enormous size. Devastating but unmanageable Scimitars: The swords of the Arabs, has a characteristic curved form Templars swords Claymore: Of James I of Scotland Mandoble of the Catholic Kings: With her they named Christopher Columbus Knife of Hernán Cortés: Great Spanish conqueror French flag : Typical of the musketeers French saber: Short saber comfortable handling Weapon swords: The weapon of the gala uniform Sword of the Masons: With the symbology of Katana Masonry: The sword of the samurai

10c Viking Sword w/ scabbard, five-lobed pommel, practical blunt

149.99€ Ex Tax: 123.96€

Beautiful reconstruction of a Viking sword from the 10th century, based on archeological finds made ..


10c Viking Sword w/ scabbard, five-lobed pommel, practical blunt SK-C

85.99€ Ex Tax: 71.07€

Beautiful reconstruction of a Viking sword from the 10th century SK-C, based on archeological finds ..


Functional Medieval Norman One-Handed Sword, Practical blunt, SK-B

101.99€ Ex Tax: 84.29€

In the 10th century the Normans, direct successor of the vikings put down roots in North France.Thou..


Maldon Hand Forged Seax

211.00€ Ex Tax: 174.38€

Maldon Seax, medieval knife. Mounted on the hilt in the style of a sword, the Maldon Seax has a size..


Norman Functional Sword With Leather Sheath - Regular Edition

99.99€ Ex Tax: 82.64€

This Norman Functional Sword with Leather Sheath - Regular Edition coincides precisely with the time..


Trondheim Viking Sword - Damascus Steel

815.90€ Ex Tax: 674.30€

Hanwei continues to push the envelope with its forging capability in the Trondheim sword, produced a..


Viking Functional Long sword with Scabbard

95.99€ Ex Tax: 79.33€

Based on the Viking Functional Long Sword with Sheath used by the Vikings around 1000 AD.The wooden ..


Viking Functional Sword - Regular Version

119.99€ Ex Tax: 99.17€

Viking Functional Sword - RegularThe Viking sword or the Carolingian sword was a type of sword used ..


Viking Seax Dagger

95.95€ Ex Tax: 79.30€

Reconstructed based on finds from the 9th century.The high carbon steel blade is blunt.Hardwood hand..


Viking Sword Ashdown

290.00€ Ex Tax: 239.67€

In the year 871 d. C., the young Prince Alfred, known as Alfred the Great, bravely led the army of K..


Viking Sword for Training, SK-C, Functional

75.99€ Ex Tax: 62.80€

The high-quality carbon steel blade of the Viking sword for Training, SK-C, Functional is forge..

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