Functional Viking Swords

Functional Viking Swords

There are many types of combat swords. The most common are usually the training and functional calls, which come in different styles such as katanas, sabers, rapier swords, Viking swords, scimitar swords, templar swords, swords, etc. Even functional falcatas are also found.

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10c Viking Sword w/ scabbard, five-lobed pommel, practical blunt

149.99€ Ex Tax: 123.96€

Beautiful reconstruction of a Viking sword from the 10th century, based on archeological finds made ..


10c Viking Sword w/ scabbard, five-lobed pommel, practical blunt SK-C

85.99€ Ex Tax: 71.07€

Beautiful reconstruction of a Viking sword from the 10th century SK-C, based on archeological finds ..


5-Lobe Functional Viking Sword

227.90€ Ex Tax: 188.35€

Circa 750Viking sword that carried and used every Nordic warrior. A simple sword, of few details, bu..


Damascus Functional Viking Sword

340.00€ Ex Tax: 280.99€

The first Viking swords were forged from layers of iron interwoven with sheets of steel to produce a..


Functional Medieval Norman One-Handed Sword, Practical blunt, SK-B

101.99€ Ex Tax: 84.29€

In the 10th century the Normans, direct successor of the vikings put down roots in North France.Thou..


Functional Viking Godfred Sword

115.99€ Ex Tax: 95.86€

Handmade Functional Viking sword made in carbon steel EN45. The blade is tempered to the oil at 48-5..


Functional Viking Sword with Leather Sheath

128.58€ Ex Tax: 106.26€

Functional Viking sword, hand forged with wood sheath lined with leather.Carbon steel blade material..


Maldon Hand Forged Seax

211.00€ Ex Tax: 174.38€

Maldon Seax, medieval knife. Mounted on the hilt in the style of a sword, the Maldon Seax has a size..


Maldon Viking Sword Hand Forged

323.99€ Ex Tax: 267.76€

Maldon Viking Sword. It has a light, agile and resistant fighting blade made with a legendary design..


Norman Functional Sword With Leather Sheath - Regular Edition

99.99€ Ex Tax: 82.64€

This Norman Functional Sword with Leather Sheath - Regular Edition coincides precisely with the time..


Suontaka - Viking Functional Sword

299.99€ Ex Tax: 247.93€

The original sword Suontaka was found in the tomb of a woman in Finland. The tombs date from 1100 AD..


Sword of The Viking King - Functional

287.50€ Ex Tax: 237.60€

This Viking sword with its intricate cover is worthy of a brave Nordic king.The Vikings landed in th..


Viking Functional Irish Sword SK-A

282.99€ Ex Tax: 233.88€

Based on the remains of a sword excavated in Ireland and attributed to the early 10th century, the l..


Viking Functional Long sword with Scabbard

95.99€ Ex Tax: 79.33€

Based on the Viking Functional Long Sword with Sheath used by the Vikings around 1000 AD.The wooden ..


Viking Functional Sword - Regular Version

119.99€ Ex Tax: 99.17€

Viking Functional Sword - RegularThe Viking sword or the Carolingian sword was a type of sword used ..


Viking Seax Dagger

95.95€ Ex Tax: 79.30€

Reconstructed based on finds from the 9th century.The high carbon steel blade is blunt.Hardwood hand..

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