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Just as the Vikings became legends, so too did their weapons. The Viking sword is perhaps one of the most sought-after and popular of the medieval blades, and for good reason. Not only did Viking swords have a distinctive look, but they also had a stellar design that made them wildly effective too! At Dark Knight Armoury, we revive these weapons so that you can wield a Viking blade every bit as effective as their historic counterpart. Among Vikings, a sword was not necessarily a common weapon. Warriors who owned them often took them as trophies in battle, or carried the sword of an ancestor, who had passed the weapon down from elder to youth. Chieftains often owned swords as well, with their own designs being a bit more adorned and intricate to show off their status and prestige. At its heart, though, a Viking sword was a straight-edged blade with a central fuller, a short guard, and a wide pommel. They were a brutally effective yet deceptively quick weapon, especially in the hands of a skilled warrior. Given that Jarls, Thanes, and Chieftains would often decorate their weapons, it was not uncommon to find knotwork or patterning along the blades and hilts, which transformed these effective weapons into stunning works of art too! Dark Knight Armoury carries all sorts of Viking swords, ranging from historic pieces to inspirational works that embody all the core concepts that any manner of Viking would want to have in their personal blade.

Woman's Medieval Gambeson in Black

91.99€ Ex Tax: 76.02€

Woman's Medieval Gambeson in BlackPourpoint is a form-fitting long-sleeve coat covering the torso fr..


Wood Viking/Norman Shield with Cross

145.99€ Ex Tax: 120.65€

Made of varnished wood with boss and a riveted cross made from steel. The shield has 5 leather strap..


Wooden Upright Swords and Katanas Stand - Black

39.50€ Ex Tax: 32.64€

This sword-stand is made for displaying a sword in an upright position. It's perfectly for samurai s..

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