Wardruna is a Norwegian musical project founded by Einar Selvik in 2003. Known for its atmospheric and evocative music, Wardruna draws inspiration from Nordic spiritual traditions, runic symbolism, and ancient Norse culture. Einar Selvik, along with various collaborators, creates music that incorporates traditional instruments, historical instruments, and ambient sounds, contributing to a unique and immersive musical experience. As a result, Wardruna’s work has gained popularity for its role in the soundtrack of the television series “Vikings,” further bringing attention to their evocative and culturally rich compositions.

What makes wardruna diferent from all others?

In fact, Wardruna stands out for its unique blend of atmospheric and evocative music inspired by Nordic spirituality, runic symbolism, and ancient Norse culture. The project, led by Einar Selvik, utilizes traditional and historical instruments, creating a distinctive and immersive sonic experience. Wardruna’s commitment to authenticity and cultural depth sets it apart, contributing to a sound that resonates with the essence of Norse traditions and mythology. Their music often evokes a profound connection to nature and the spiritual elements of Viking heritage, making Wardruna a distinctive force in the neofolk and Nordic folk music genres.

Song in Old Norse language.

Amazingly, Wardruna primarily sings in Old Norse, the language of the Norse people during the Viking Age. Einar Selvik, the founder and main composer of Wardruna, is dedicated to preserving the authenticity of the cultural and historical aspects in the music. The use of Old Norse contributes to the immersive and traditional atmosphere of Wardruna’s compositions, creating a connection to the ancient past and the spiritual roots of Norse culture.


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